back Running OpenBSD on Vultr, check your clock!

publication: novembro 06 2018 16:40
last update: novembro 06 2018 16:40

Recently I noticed a problem with the clock on my OpenBSD virtual machine running on Vultr. The clock on the virtual machine was off by days frequently. Investigating the problem, I noticed that top was not updating the information each 5s as it should and sleep 1 was taking more than 1s to run.

After some research, Google lead me to this Reddit post.

The problem is related with some configuration on the virtualization software Vultr uses. After calling the support, they fixed it for me very fast!

As I'm a n00b, it was my fault... I decided to install my virtual machine as a custom OS using an uploaded image of OpenBSD while Vultr provides an OpenBSD virtual machine wich runs without this problem as described by their support "deploying with one of our images from the Vultr control panel would automatically apply the necessary adjustments".

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